The tournament will be played according to the regulations of the Finnish Football Federation (SPL) with the following adjustments.

1) Every team will play at least 3 matches at the tournament

2) Playing time is 1 x 25min non-stop time (time is paused only if referee shows). In the A-finals match time is 1 x 30min, last minute as effective time

3) Accumulated fouls: The fourth foul and fouls after that, will cause a direct free-kick/penalty kick

4) After group stage, there will be qualifying matches for those teams who made it there

5) The games, which needs to have a winner (play-offs), will be followed by penalty shots with one players from each team. All the players have to do the penalty shot before players can shot again. If there is different amount of players in the teams, the team where is less players will determine when new round starts.

6) In the A-finals, each team will have one timeout (30sec.)

7) Teams are obliged to present an team participant list (including management and other functionaries) to the organizers of the tournament prior to the first game. This list will define each player, member of management and other functionaries by name and it cannot be altered after the tournament has started without the permission of the organizing committee

8) The tournament jury has the right to interfere with team and supporters who are behaving badly and they can remove a team from the tournament. The jury can also order a team to demand proper behavior from their supporters.

9) A player can represent only one team per category.

10) Team can use maximum two (2) players who are one year older than the age group of the category. In Boys xx-xx & Girls xx-xx category, is not allowed to have any older players. In extreme situations the tournament organizer has the right to admit exceptions.

11) Sent-off (red card) automatically means one game suspension which applies straight to the next game.

  • Referee needs to report sent-off (red card) to organizing committee,
  • Tournament jury will decide will there be additional suspension.

12) Categories with two referees, a single game, in exceptional case, can be played with one referee.


In every category there will be used an official futsal ball.

Tournament game way

Every team will play at least three games in the tournament. In the preliminary rounds teams are divided into groups. After the groups are played, the best teams will advance to playoffs. The specific schedule depends on the number of teams in the category and will be published later.

Teams order in the group depends on the points they made. Victory is three (3) points, draw is one (1) point and for a loss, zero (0) points.

Order in the group

The ranking of the team’s in a group is determined by the amount of points acquired. For a win a team receives three (3) points, for a draw one (1) point and for a loss zero (0) points. In case two or more teams finish with the same amount of points after the group stage, the final ranking will be based on:

  1. points in mutual games
  2. goal difference in mutual games (goals scored-goals conceded)
  3. goals scored in mutual games
  4. total goal difference in the preliminary round
  5. total goals scored in preliminary round
  6. lottery

In case teams finish with the same point total in the second stage, the placement in the earlier stages don’t affect the final ranking.

In a comparison with groups, ranking is determined:

  1. Points/game
  2. goal difference/game
  3. goals scored/game
  4. lottery

Team managers

The person who has been named the team manager is responsible for the whole team during the tournament, inside as well as outside the venue. They are also accountable for the communication with the organizing committee. The team manager has to be over 18-years old. The organizing committee is not responsible for any injuries, medical expenses or theft. It is recommended to obtain a sufficient insurance.


A protest can be made by teams participating in the match. It can be done due to a violation of the rules, incorrect way to interpret the rules or something else which might have affected the game or it's result.

Only the teams playing in the match can do the protest. The protest will be represented to the organizing committee in written. Protest needs to be done immediately after the game (15 minutes after the match at the latest). The team doing the protest needs to pay protest fee 100€ which will be returned if protest is accepted. Protest fee can also be returned for a justified cause when protest is rejected or left without decision. Protest is not processed if protest fee is not paid in the time limit. Protest which is handed later that 15 minutes after the match is not processed.

Referees decisions made in the game are permanent. If protest is made against referees decision, usually the game will not be played again unless the tournament organizing committee decides otherwise. Decision can be made if referee has made a decision which is against the rules.

Result of the game will not be changed before the protest in processed. Organizing committee can determine to play the game again due to protest. Organizing committee can also decide the team to be winner of the game, who made the protest. Then the result will be 5-0 or other organizing committees determined result. If the protest of the who won if accepted, will the original result stay valid unless organizing committee decides otherwise. Organizing committee can also accept the protest of the losing team (or team who had a draw) and still keep the original result valid. When a protest is made and approved the team in question will come off as lost in the following cases:

  1. A player who at the time of the match does not have the right to represent the team or right to participate/play
  2. A team officer under a competition injuction/ban has participated in the match

The verdict of the jury cannot be questioned.


The result of a walk-over is regularly 5-0. It can also be another result chosen by the organizer, to eliminate the chance of intentional WO to gain a tactical advantage in the play-offs. A team that gives a walk-over is considered withdrawn from the tournament. The tournament jury can consider an exception to the rule if given a proper argument.

A game is deemed a walk-over, if

  1. the team doesn’t show up
  2. the team is more than 5 minutes late to the start of the game
  3. the team can’t present a roster of at least 3 players by the start of the game

If the game is played despite the fact that either team can’t fulfill points 2 or 3, the opposing team is seen to have accepted the situation and the result of the game stands.